Different Types of Teaching Certificates

03 Nov

To become a teacher, there are several processes you have to undergo and some certifications you need to acquire. First of all, you will need to get a bachelor's degree in Education from a recognized institution. Once you have it, you will be prepared to sit from a TExES 160 exam which will help you acquire your teaching certificate, Nation Teaching Certification. This is what is needed before you get your teaching license.

Getting the certification entails more than just proof that you did your degree in teaching. You need a portfolio of your classroom work, a teaching experience evaluation, and a portfolio of the classroom work that you have done so far. Afterwards, you will be provided with a written examination that you must pass in order to be certified. Through this certification, your FREE CBEST examiners will determine if you have passed the standards set in a particular field and attained the paper qualification.

Some states require teachers to have more than just the teaching certification in order to practice. They have special teaching credentials that you have to complete in order to teach in a particular subject. With this certificate, you will know clearly the kind of students and grade level you are supposed to teach. While you might teach practically any subject to the lower level students, you will find out that in order to teach higher grade students, you require to specialize in a particular subject.

To teach grade 3 students and above, you will have to get an Early Childhood Certificate. And if you are hoping to educate students from kindergarten to Grade 9, then you must have the Elementary Certificate. A Secondary Certificate is for those who wish to teach secondary school students while the K-12 certificate is meant for those who would like to teach K-12 students. There is also a Certificate of Special Education, which is designed for those who are planning to teach preschool to age 21 to students with special needs.

The teaching process is very much similar when it comes to getting the certifications. There is an exam that you need to undertake and pass. Once you have passed the subject area and had the Assessment of Professional Teaching APT done, then you will be ready to become a teacher. In some special cases like in early childhood, you will need the Early Childhood Certificate and an Elementary Certificate in order to qualify as a teacher for this level. To learn more about teaching certification, go to https://www.britannica.com/topic/teacher-education.

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