03 Nov

Are you contemplating taking a teaching certification course? The information on what to expect is very crucial. You also need the information on how long the course will take and what teaching and testing modules are used. The teaching certification courses are offered all over America and different states have different modules for the certification courses. One teaching and testing module is, however, found in almost all the states. This is the use of Praxis tests.

Praxis tests are administered to a trainee at two or three stages. They will be administered before enrollment to the course as an assessment of qualification. Those Praxis tests administered before the course are those for reading proficiency, writing skills and mathematics. A pass percentage is usually set and failure to get it leads to disqualification. If one passes, however, they can then proceed to the next level which is the main course.

During the second CBEST Math tests and assessment, one has to have gone through a series of courses. The courses are those that will give the prospective teacher necessary knowledge and skills for use in their career. These will be dynamic and sometimes specific. A teacher aiming early child education gets different content from another seeking junior or senior education jobs. The second praxis assessment therefore requires keen selection as it is what will direct you to your career. The praxis two tests performance can be used to determine ordinary teachers and above standard teachers. What then does praxis two tests cover?

The tests offered in Praxis two will major on what the teacher will need when teaching. Among the compulsory tests to take include mastery of content, counselling and proficiency tests. The other tests taken will be specific to the teacher's area of specialty. The special sections may include geology, early child education, foreign languages, PRAXIS CORE Mathematics, American Sign Language, chemistry and physical sciences, psychology among many more. The choice on what area to go for will lie squarely on the teacher's preference, prior training or demand in the job.

The third praxis tests will be taken by the certified teachers while on the job. These are optional and offered in certain states only. They are used to test how well the teacher has been able to apply the knowledge acquired during the certification process. The tests are simple and are like surveys for assessing the success of the praxis tests. If you want to read more tips on how to pass the Praxis core exam, check out https://www.britannica.com/topic/teaching.

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