Requirements for Getting a Teaching Certification

03 Nov

An authorized teacher is one who has the necessary credentials obtain from an institution of higher learning, a private source, or the government. With these credentials, a teacher can teach in an institution where the credentials allow. In most countries, a teacher needs to practice teaching as a student teacher first before he or she is given a certificate.

A teaching certification in the United States is provided by the State Board of Education. Requirements do vary with every state, but there are some common rules that are followed across the country. Any teacher who wants to be certified needs to have a bachelor's degree with a major in a specific subject. In addition to the requirements, the teacher should have undergone through a pedagogical methods course and also acquired some experience by practicing as a student teacher. Check out these helpful PPR Test Tips.

In most of the states, it is mandatory that a student teacher takes and passes an exam prepared at the state or national level in order to be awarded the certificate. The PRAXIS I exam encompasses of subjects that the teacher is intended to teach. In some occasions, the local Educational Board may also require that the teacher undergoes a private, local, or state organization evaluation during the first few years of teaching. This enables categorization of teachers into progressive licensing methods that are used in some states.

In order for a teacher to practice teaching, some states require the certification to be accompanied by more qualifications. One of the required certificates is one that enables one to distinguish the student specialization and age group that the teacher is to teach. This is to create a distinction between elementary teachers who can teach multiple subjects and their counterparts in higher institutions who are required to specialize in fewer subjects that they will teach.

A pre-school teacher needs to have an Early Childhood Certificate. This will enable him or her to teach from kindergarten to grade 9. A secondary school teacher, on the other hand, needs a K-12 certificate in order to teach from kindergarten to grade 12. The last certificate in this category is the Special Education Certificate, which enables teaching of students from pre-school to about 21 years of age. This certificate needs some specialized training and dedication from the trainee's.

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To gain these certificates, trainee teachers are required to undertake all the required procedures without failure. They are also required to pass the subjects they intend to teach and also pass the Assessment of Professional Teaching for their level. While this assessment is not necessary, they teachers become more proficient in their fields when coupled with the mandatory certificates.

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